[Life] Wish you get me one. (:

4:35:00 PM

I'm currently in the 21st years old year! 2014, I'm officially 21st.

But, I wish to get stuffs & to do with / from buddies, classmates, families, boyfriend, best friends, close friends, relatives, sisters, stranger (maybe?)...

                                             1. Half-transparent online bag from TopToBottom.
                                             2. Casio Edifire man series watch [DONE from Valentine]
                                             3. Vinstella jewelry necklace silver
                                             4. Ralph Lauren 1-4 woman series perfume
                                             5. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (White Gold)
                                             6. Chanel handbag white
                                             7. Prada Blue bag
                                             8. Fujifilm Instax mini 8 camera Yellow

So, here's are the 8 things at the moment I want it for my 21st Birthday present. 

Things to do are Travel, travel and travel with friends, classmates and family!! <3 p="">

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