A new layout, a new feel!

7:25:00 PM

It's been quite few months I did not touch the blog.
I have decided to check properly about the codes of my blog,
and finally, I got it within 8 hours time.
I done it yesterday. (:
It's kinda feeling-better now, I got my blog open to public again.
I have stuck in the codes for quite a long time due to some CSS codes.
In the middle I really wish I could find a website designer,
but I couldn't find it at all.
So everything have to done by myself.
I got alot of inspirations and references.

My blog theme now is still the same as last time, The Queen.
But this time I make it like Gorgeous..
Thanks to some bloggers' blogskins codes.
Really a big thanks to them, without them I really can't complete my blog's template. 

Oh yeah, guess what?
It's nearly Christmas again.
I remembered the first year which is 2008 I blogged about Christmas and I gave out a codes of an image made by myself wishing my buddies a Merry Christmas.
I miss the olden days creating animated images..

Did you feel that my blog's song have the feel of christmas??
I do add some fallings like snow on my blog too. 
I love it !! <3
I hope I can have a wonderful or at least a fun christmas this year.
If I could get better codes, I will love it more.
But I'm still not 100% satisfy my blog of the click&open part.
And yeah, I like my calender !! 

Well, I got myself back to blog and I know many people missing my blog huh?
Haha, I really wish that I could get alot of readers too larh!

That's all for today, I have changed hairstyle again !
See you guys soon ! (:

p/s: I Love You

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