9:18:00 PM

Today went to sista's work place at Bukit Jalil Stadium.
I saw many normal cars become racing cars !!
They look so normal, it just added some engine stuffs and tyre's ring.
And some pasted the "wallpaper" outta the car.
I don't really into racing cars.
But if I could have a sport car, that will be nicer !
Haha ~ I'm just kinda like dreaming, NO, its LOVE dreaming !
Alright, I just want to make my blog alive so I'm updating today (:

Just a short shot of it. xD
Because I'm just freaking hot and sweating like shit at there !
I wanted to wait another car and I take a video of it again.
But.. this time was lil sista nagging !

and I'm just so random I saw this in the bookstore. 
I read it.. 
Hmmm.. I still don't know why. >n<
Maybe is because that the book is thick and theres alot words for me to read..
So I dont really read into it. 
Just read and go. haha!

Okay, I gotta off ! Tata and Nightie <3

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