Say what?

12:21:00 AM

I just found out the ways to colour my hair *fake one* !
The left one is most like the real :D
Haha, I don't think I want to change my hair colour.
My natural colour is so freaking beautiful! 
Heehs, its true, you can see it.. :D

I have learnt quite a lot of korean words today !
It's really fun, funny pronounce...
HAHA! I like korean a lots now, you know why?
The words, and everything is so special, I like it.. 
For me the special was "not special" but I love it a lot without reasons..
And I have added Korean input text @ my computer !
So that I can really type my own korean words out.
Not like last time copy from websites, google translations, etc..
I have learnt the vowels and consonants of Korean's word.
I'm trying to pronounce it without looking at my notebook. :D
So now I know the most are.. 

언녕하세요 !
아기, 우유, 언니。。。。。

There's a lot more.. 
cant't really list out. HAHA!
I can combine it by myself now.

I din't know that McDonald giving out free coke glass again!
I went this afternoon and bought a set lunch RM5.95 HAHA!
They asked me whether I want the glass or not.
But I din know sis want it so I din buy that meal xD
Because that time don't feel like eating ice cream.
And I was there in a good timing.
I reached there around 2.48pm, they almost finish the Rm5.95.
Luckily, I went earlier otherwise I gotta pay more.
So yeah, sister craving for McDonald just now but dad don't want so she couldn't eat.
Sad right? But no choice nobody wants. 

Okay, the time getting late I gotta rest..
Good night everyone ! :D

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