11:37:00 PM

As you can see the title Piano you will know what am I going to post about today.
Yes, it's piano, my piano.
I've never post about my piano about right?
I have to start my piano lesson soon, so before that I work hard and learn hard all by myself.
And yeah, yesterday was too boring.
Played and learned about an hour at home yesterday.
After playing then thought of taking pictures with my piano.
This remind me about what Tung Liang said.
He thought I bought a GRAND Piano.
Those big and huge piano like "B" shape.
He jealous me around few months already but actually it's not a big piano.
Just a normal Piano I got.
I have told Benjamin before, maybe he dint tell Tung Liang about it.
So he misunderstand it and I wanted to show him and prove to him,
don't wanna him to be misunderstand and dis-jealous me.

Here comes the pictures of me with some notes and piano.

I always use a lace clothe to cover and protect my piano. :D

Keys with me.. :D

yeah, I'm playing few keys with one hand. ;D

Thats DO..

I'm totally playing a song. ~~

Covered Piano. 

This is the song notes I'm learning and playing.

Kinda lots key to move... Phew~

Yeah, Sonata by Beethoven

See, I can play with few keys.

My key to open the piano. Safety !!

Nah, this is the messy notes. @.@

The easiest one, right hand always met the same key. :D

That's all for my Piano.

Because of these pictures, I have accidentalness deleted my pictures with buddies which I haven't upload to Facebook and tag my friends.. D:
So kill me please.. those are pretty pictures D: 

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