My beauty just like a Rose.

6:04:00 PM

I have make myself a decision.
Try to take care of my face now on.
I wanna be as beautiful as the rose mean to girls.
*I hate flowers anyway*
So I started to use mask every week like twice.

I started up mask from Short-cut beauty.
It was okay, it more suitable for whoever wants to whiten their face.
After use it about 20 minutes, I took off and look at the mirror. TA DAHH!
White ghost!! As you know my face is quite fair..
After using this, my face became pale!!!
And my face smoother.. :D
So I start to buy the next one which is...

The strawberry yogurt mask.

It's cute so I bought it and I dont know what actually its for.
My sister wants it so I gave it to her.
And yesterday I used my mom ones that she bought for us from Korea.

I used the green bean one.
It smell so niceeeeeeee! XOXO
So nice and I dont wanna use it.. but still I used.
Im gonna try next mask on Monday!
Will update on Monday bout Mask. :D

Off. * 

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