I will never end it!

7:10:00 PM

Theres many things going around us.
but we have to know that something is also around us.
That are Friendship.
If you ever lost a friend, you will upset.
You will just get a lot of trouble but no ones help.
Everyone is protecting themselves because of the incidents happened.
But, sometimes you really need it but you cant get it.
That is a good friendship.
Sometimes you might thought that your friends are bad.
But, they're good while behind you.
But.. another way too.
Sometimes you believe and trust them a lot.
But they're not a good friend to trust.
They betrayed you or anything.
You will just leave them and lost a friendship.

But, think carefully, whats important?
I know is yourself.
But beside yourself, is your friends.
Sometimes they might help you a lot.
Like example, teaching things that you don know.
Or, chat with you and play with you.
But did you realize that actually, 
they can do something more than that.
They can help you share your secrets to,
they can also help to solve problems,
and they might also help you to put down your stress.

But.. honestly...
There are many friends that are not good.
They might just take away things that you taught or gave.
But, some are still good.
So what to do?
Just believe yourself what is right and what is wrong.
If you believe it, just go ahead.
If you don believe it at all, just DON'T.

Human is just like to live happy and safety.
They gossip doesn't mean that they hate you.
They might gossip some good things of you.
I'm sure everyone do gossip about peoples around ourself.
There's no point of angry them.
Because you are just doing the same thing.
But I know, when people says your good things became bad things.
You might not forget about it and fight for her.
But don ever do it.
She/he like to do it, just let them.
What for waste your energy and time to fight with them?
Thats why people are stupid.
This is how the stupid word came from.

In addition, you shouldn't cry too!
There's no point of crying for these stupid things.
They gossip you, then you gossip them larh!
But don't ever hate anyone.
and do not have an enemy.

Thank You.
I love my friends. 
I love everyone around me.
I don hate anyone.
I don gossip people a lot but some.
I'm also considered a stupid feller.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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