Back to school.

5:29:00 PM

Today was the first day after mid term holidays!
I cant felt asleep yesterday, what a Bad nightmare!
Makes me can't wake up in time today.
So.. whats happen in the school?
Boring, nervous, scary..
Yeap, teachers giving out exam papers.
Wow, that's dangerous.
I had few subject just got 40/100.
I know its low, but it pass (at least).
Today got back my Bm, Add Maths, Eco, Maths, Moral papers.
The best is Maths, always!
So tomorrow will be getting English, Chinese..
I think few subjects more. 
I could not remember my timetable.
Thats really terrible, right?
I have to check out my timetable every single day.
So wish me good luck tomorrow for other papers.

Soon I will update my blog with the concert.
Thats really fun, I helped them and free for entrance.

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