That's it.

3:55:00 PM

Yeah, yeap, yup, yes, ya!
5Y - young~~

I'm really out of the mood to study now.
Before that I was so hardworking,
and now there are no reason why I just can't stop starring in front the comp.
The plurk, facebook, msn, blogger and songs.
Everything! I just keep playing it.
Oh gosh, can u guys just stop stealing my attention and concentration!
I have to study, I really have to!
I wanna pass all and at least 50% above or equal.
I don't want to be in the list of 30 below.
I need 60% for my percentage.
I hasn't start my bm study now.
How could rush the last minute? No way, no such thinking like this!

He said that he wanted to buy a digital camera as u know I like Sony brand.
I really can't accept it, he is lieing!
Din't you feel that? I'm afraid that he wanna chase me or he just making fun?
I rejected his good of buying me a digital camera which cost rm1000+!
OMDG, I'd never met anyone like him before saying that buy me a Camera!
He is old and not-good-looking!
He want me to be his girlfriend, no way!
I'm 17 and u? 31!! that really a Super Big difference!
But, you think another way, I really want the camera!~
I can't just let him give me one.
Mom will buy me one, don't worry (talk to me).

It's the last day, next week exam is started.
No more free periods, no more playing, no more laziness!
Okay, girl. Let's move your butt to the working table!
AND start revising and reading it!

So, that's all for today.
Mom coming back ~ <3

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