The beautiful day of her.

5:46:00 PM

Happy and very happy Birthday to Pinkabell.
I never know time passes so fast like this.
It's time to grow up one age up again.
Jie, wish you would get things that you wanted.
Hope you will never ask me about what he gave.
I hope you got what you saw.

I missed the 16th birthday of her's.
I remembered that time I was sick and stay in the room for a week.
She was so upset that we were sick. (younger sis & I)
We celebrated birthday for her in the room.
We drank the no idea what.
We ate cake, and chit chat a lot.
I hope it would be the best for her.

She had really gone through many experience.
She are really grown like an adult.
But not really successful yet with her money.
Maybe after her education I think she are really grow up.
All tastes in her life,
painful, happiness, sadness, regret-ness...
She knew many things that should do and shouldn't do.
She tough me a lot things that I don't know.
She helps me, she really try to grow me up.
Like, teaching me good things and etc..

Lastly, I hope she would have a awesome day.
Everyday the sun shine on her,
brings her to the right road.
The brightest road that wouldn't miss her out.

Happy Birthday, JIE!

Jieyi Pinkabell

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