New year new hairstyle

8:13:00 PM

Finally I had make decision to cut my hair like that.
I dont know what's that called.
For me, I always feel that I'm not suitable for this hairstyle.
But I wanna try, as I said..
Never try never know. ;D
It looks weird but I think it's okay..
But I don't dare to put down my fringe in school.
I clip it up everyday so that other people wont see it.
but I do upload photos about my new hairstyle in Facebook.
Somehow, it looks cute and somehow look UGLY.

Hey! I felt that I'm a bit greedy.
I did not finish my grade yet and I wanted to play a song.
You knw the chinese song - 下雨天 from Lara,南拳妈妈
That is a nice song,
I love the piano melody of this song.
I got a hardest song to play was..
画沙 from Jay Chou and a new singer.
Especially the middle part,
it's hard for me,
It quite fast the the notes are difficult.
I got that but I did not know how to play it.
It use me alot of time I think.

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