English Oral Results.

5:01:00 PM

It was so wonderful.
For every groups and everyone.
1st group was Sanjiv's group.
2nd group was my group.
3rd group was Le On's group.
and the last group was Wei Hong's one.
I can't really remember which was the 3rd and last group.
Wei Hong one was quite good.
Sanjiv one also not that bad.
Le On was like playing a romantic song?
Ofcause our group was singing with keyboard.
If I could finish my lessons faster I think it could be me to play it.

Results were out too, really shock.
Two groups had the same votes.
But there's sad for Le On.
He got the least votes.
And you know..
Sanjiv got the president! 25 votes!
So surprise!!
Wei Hong and Suet Yen got the same votes. 20 votes!

Everyone did not know why he could win it.
Total votes were 80 votes, each person 2 votes.
One for own group and another for other 3 groups.
Today next class did they're Oral too,
at last Jonathon won the president.
We miss the show,
we were in Library,
I could'nt watch how were they did.
And it's funny, someone votes Jeff and he's not the candidate. lol.
I'm gonna see someone's blog about the oral.

So there is our Oral, both class.

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