2:36:00 PM

Let's escape the trip.
Pictures will be up in Facebook.

Competition is coming, it's tomorrow!
WOW, it's so fast!!
I trained and dance so hard,
I hope it could be the better one..

On 10 of March, Sunday.
We, the dancing group's member went to Sg. Wang.
We bought our competition clothes, shoes and socks.
We style abit LALA but it is quite sexy.
We wore sport shoe and long socks.
We used up almost 8 hours to choose it.
*for whole body.
Then, transport was Wan Xin's father,
he fetch us to Sg. Wang and also fetch us back.
11.30 morning til 5 evening.
Actually we planned to go by LRT,
but Wan Xin's mother doesn't allow her to do that,
therefore, we go by her father's car.

Ofcause, we take pictures too.

5 of us, in Wan Xin's father car.

Me and Mun Yee, she's wearing my glasses.

I like this picture, I look pretty.

Okays, good luck for me tomorrow.
Anyone here free to come to KDU tomorrow?
Support us,
KDU, Damansara Utama.
You can reach at 8.00 to 8.30am.
Until afternoon 1pm.

Gotta support me,
anything comment on my tagboard.

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